Mirodoll Casts in Ebony Black

True ebony black is hard to cast--Liz (Simply Divine) cast some hooves in black and said that she had to discard 4 or 5 casts to get one good one, because of bubbling and roughness due to the intense pigment. Somehow Mirodoll has figured out how to get around this, or maybe they can just recycle bad casts back into the pot--but whatever black magic they are using, lets them offer "Rain" here in ebony black; 68 centimeters tall, for (drumroll) 198.00 USD plus of course the seventy-something dollars EMS shipping to the US. Here is the link so you can be amazed too:

Mirodoll in Black

If you order one, and want to put a faceup on it and spray it, don't use Mister Super Clear, as it will fog white. I have been told Games Workshops Purity Seal is the one to use, though I haven't had a chance to try it myself yet. Purity Seal is also notoriously temperamental for splatting and clogging (different batches are different), so be prepared. But true black resin! :o