Selfie in the Studio

Yeah, that is me, bat wings and all. See what you have to look forward to at 50 plus? Anyway, the shirt is my Leeloo shirt by artist Rachel Farley, and she made it on Qwertee and sold over a hundred in a day--Qwertee is fun, you can go and read how submissions work, and then they will make up a shirt from your design--it's a great place to get fan tees of all kinds, too. Just order a size bigger than you think you will need as they run small. And yes, I still have the gray cat--it's summer and he mostly lives outside now; he just comes in at night to eat his mice and sleep on the cat climber.

Qwertee T- Shirts


  1. Your workspace looks like mine, only bigger because it's an actual room and mine is... well, it's a corner of the living room. And the dining table, when I can get away with it.

    Nice to see the person behind the voice--er, words. Hi! :D

  2. LOL and hi back! I steal the dining room table when no one is looking, too! :D


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