Impldoll's Female Idol

Impldoll has come out with an EID sized body, to be a set with the Impl Idol boy body, and I am interested in it--there are only two problems. One is that I have no confidence that I will like how the legs are strung--see, no hip slots. So there is some kind of Rube Goldberg thing going on inside those hips. The second thing is that I want the body for a Soom head, and while mysteriously all of Impl's previous releases "just happened" to be totally compatible with Soom parts, I have a suspicion that the neck on this girl is accidentally totally compatible with fat Iplehouse necks and not skinny Soom ones, especially looking at those looks-like-Iplehouse ankles. Which means if I want to put my Epidia head on her, I might have to cut down the neck, and I sold the last body I had just so I wouldn't be tempted to go hacking at it. I don't like irreversible modifications, it's like trimming off money every bit you cut.

I am getting more and more convinced that if I want a body for Epidia, she is going to have to have a soft cloth and wire one (which would be both fun, posable, and cheap.) But if you want a big inexpensive body, or the complete Sylvia doll (and Impldolls are actually very good-looking in person, they just are hard to photograph) go to here: