Alice in Soomland

And yes, it's Migma..though it's a "Romantic Migma" with the eyes sculpted to be more closed. I freely admit that I clicked all the options I wanted, to see what the total would be, and looked at all the sale text, and read how to do a layaway--and then decided it would be prudent (though sad) to pass--for one thing I have THREE Migma heads here; two of them a ridiculous purple, and if Alice had come in White Skin I might have gone ahead and gotten her anyway just to get the other heads a spare appropriate body. (I think my Granado Gitana would have fit as well--I really like the new Soom girl bodies). But I don't need another NS body, not even a really nice one. She does come with the awesome heely feets, and I love the Queen of Hearts makeup and red hair:

You can peek at her here:

Alice And Queen of Hearts