Epidia as a Hybrid

I have this really nice Soom Epidia head, from the Legend release "Queen of Waterfalls". I would have said Queen of Panthers or Queen of Huntresses but no, they went with waterfalls. Her default outfit is stunning, btw, you can see it here:
Soom Legend Epidia
Anyway, I needed a bosun, someone no one would argue with--normally it would be some burly, leathery, professional sailor; but I decided that fangs and claws and sharp wits could swap for "burly". (Also my biggest doll is one of the sweetest-looking, so that would not work.) I have her claw feet and knees, but not her hands or her body--her default body is the new, smaller Soom Supergem Female body that is beautiful, but too slender for what I wanted. Plus if I ordered her regular body in a Soom Body Event, it's both unlikely I would get the same shade and it would cost me 800.00 for the special dark brown and shipping. So I have been tossing around for a substitute that is both beefy, cheap, posable and will take the Epidia head with no modifications of either the head or body. So yesterday on a whim I dragged out an old Impldoll Star 65 cm male body and put her head on it. Totally wrong color, but great fit.

The hardware store "large S hook" is a good substitute for the "banana."

Her knees don't fit in the male thighs--if I swapped out the entire leg it might work, but then my harpy who is using the spare Impldoll Female Star 65 legs would be legless, and that would be no good. Here is the back of the knees.

A serious modder could fill that gap with La Doll and get it to work, but I am lazy. I decided to try just the feet at the end of the legs.

I put in small S hooks from the hardware store instead of the resin stops because I could see someone before me did some serious digging to get the feet off again, and there is a chip on the side of the hook hole.

"HULK WANT TO GET STRING OUT NOW". Having experienced this kind of thing myself, I am sympathetic. But the feet are designed to have the body weight forward over the toes, and not over the heel as in a normal straight leg, and she won't stand up.

(I think most of the other fantasy feet have a back claw for stability just for this reason). So I decided instead to put the normal feet back on, which makes dressing a lot easier.

Yes, I are a geenius. That happens a lot more often than I like to admit. Once I had swapped the human feet to be on the correct sides, I got her dressed up, including Sphaler claw hands, which need to be painted to match her head.

The knees need to be covered too, but long canvas trousers for work and long skirts for ashore will hide them fine, and the boots that won't fit the captain, fit her perfectly. The scarf is off a jam jar--I need to go look in the quilting store for more of it, it's nice cotton gingham.

She just needs a scarf pin of some kind, a hat, a jacket with brass buttons, and some face and hand painting; though the forecast is for ..yes, rain.

And over we go into the catmint. ("A little help here, if you mind?")

An update for 6/15/2016--Consuelo is now tall and mostly matching on a Mirodoll 72 girl body in "chocolate brown" which turned out to be sort of a brown with a hint of grey--almost exactly the Soom color: