Manipulating Fabric

I'm working on a New Youth Iplehouse Doll sized dress, or at least I hope that it is that size--I sold the NYID body I bought from Jay Searle, and now I have another one coming in (this time with a head, though). Since I don't want her to sit around naked, I have been working on a simple dress for her. I also thought it would be fun to try some of the things in the Manipulating Fabric book I have--it tells you how to do pleats, smocking, and every kind of ruffle imaginable. This is the cover:

It has a lot of clear diagrams, so if you are having trouble picturing what is going on from the text, you can look at the drawings. It shows you how to make the sort of decoration that is on this dress, which possibly is in the Kyoto Costume Museum (I snagged the image off Pinterest):

I think Sophie's opinion is that Moth (the incoming NYID) can just wear a scrap of lace like she did, and I should be working on Sophie's dress instead. I would point out to her that it's probably better that I practice on cheap sheeting before I do anything serious with Sophie's outfit.