Saturday, July 27, 2013

Minifee A and B

Sometime around April of 2007, Luts and Cerberus Productions (CP was founded in 2002) formally became two companies, and CP opened a website for their own line of dolls and named the company "Fairyland", and introduced the 70 cm tall "Feeples" (Fairyland People). For a while both Luts and Fairyland made "Minifee", and at some point..maybe 2010? Fairyland took over the production of Minifee and then the Delf lines, and Luts stopped making them.

I wanted to put together a Minifee as a gift, so I looked around and TatsuKitty offered me an old Luts "B" line Minifee body for a great price, and bajib found a Minifee Rena head that she could part with. When I got the two parts together I noticed that the color of the resin was different between the Rena head and the older body:

So I took out Kalypso, who is also a cobbled-together Minifee; and Kalypso's newer body was the exact color of the Rena head. I know the Rena is a more recent sculpt--something around 2012; she was this adorable dragon-girl thing with the BEST SHOES EVAR:

Rena Fullset

So I put the Rena head on the new body, and it was perfect--the neck key fit perfectly. And when I put Kalypso on the older body that TatsuKitty had sent me, the resin color and the key fit perfectly on her. I went and looked at the box that TK had sent and the top said SHUSHU SPECIAL. It's even faintly possible that this is Kalypso's original body, everyone on Den of Angels tends to pass around the same dolls. The older body is slightly less posable than the new one, and the Luts hands are a little smaller. The Luts torso is longer than the newer body, which also makes the newer body a little more stable, since it's center of gravity is a little lower.

So Rena is going to have the newer body that she belongs on, and I will keep the older body--no hardship, as TatsuKitty sueded every joint-- so the B-line Luts body hold poses almost as well as the Fairyline active line body. I just wonder where that Rena fullset tail ended up. :D

Kalypso on her new/old/maybe original body:

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