I take out the painting supplies...

...and it does this. And I was just moving them, as I have no time to paint this week, but I was hoping to set up a place to do it on the sun porch. An hour later it looked like this:

I did take some pictures of the koi that I promised K ages ago:

I also have ice fish now, courtesy of Ikea:

And finally, I was potting some torenia, and I have a large bag of potting soil that has been open a day or two by the barbeque. I reach in for a double handful of soil (and I am not wearing gloves, because it's easier to get the dirt down around the roots without them) and the handful of dirt I pull out feels sort of... rubbery..and then it squirms and hops away--it's a very dirty little toad. I say PTEE or something like that, the cat on the porch levitates, the toad hops away and disappears. He was too dirty to be photogenic, but I am glad I have enough toads that they can just hang around the porch.


  1. Hah, I have a vaguely similar weather situation, sort of, lol. I was going to try doing a faceup today, but it became unexpectedly chilly and windy. I'm still going to, but man. The hell, Seattle? D: I should have done it yesterday. Hopefully the wind will quit so I don't get anal about dust in my precious doll's face. *eyeroll*

    Also, TOAD. ADORABLE. I would probably have leaped out of my skin if that had been me. With a similar sound effect, like a strangled train whistle.

    Also, also: Is it just me and my prematurely failing eyesight, or is the CAPTCHA stuff getting harder and harder to read?

  2. I just randomly type half the letters for captcha anyway...I never get it the first time! The best captcha I ever saw was pictures of kittens and you had to count them :D

    I've decided I should hire out my face painting supplies to the Southwest to get it to rain there. May your weather cooperate for you!


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