Saturday, August 23, 2014

The New Fridge

And there it is! It is quiet, and everything is cold. It's amazing. The only thing was that the delivery guys had to take the back door off to get the fridge in. The back door has one of the mirrors on it, of heavy, heavy bevelled glass. That door and the fridge weigh about the same; in fact it was so heavy that it was all we could do to haul it back to the shop, and there I decided that it wasn't salvageable anyway, the mirror has been broken around the knob since we moved in, and some fiend glued the mirror directly to the door instead of screwing it in with a frame strip.

So this was our door yesterday afternoon:

So we went and bought a new door from Home Depot and it wasnt..quite..the right size, just about 1/4 inch too big all around, and the hole wasn't square. We couldn't get a prehung door because we couldn't put in the frame because of the mirrors still on the walls, so the current new door will be shaved down to fit. But that took most of today for J, and I worked on stripping the wall behind the fridge that was moldy and the corner wall that had some wires and things that needed to be taken off. It all needs to be repainted.

But the inside of the fridge is so huge and clean! :D


  1. At last!

    We got our new one two years ago and had to learn to live with it making like a robot chicken when it's cycling. They told us it was the auto-defrost thing going. It goes chuuuck chuuck chuuck squaaaaaack! in a mechanical way, and the cat just sat on the counter staring at it. Now we all ignore it. It will dry up ice cubes if you don't use them very often, though. O_o

    They must have had a dance studio or something in that room? Why so much mirror? That's so 80s make a room bigger. I've noticed in our new place, mirrors make the rooms smaller.

    1. I have no idea what was going on in the living room, but the basement and the bedroom also had walls of mirrors. At least the basement ones were screwed in so we were able to eject them the first week we were here :D That description of the fridge noises is so perfect!


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