Is Your Fridge Running?

At this point I would be happy if it ran down the street, as in the punchline of prank calls. Prank calls have gone the way of party lines with cell phones, which is a good thing-- though even with cell phones, J occasionally gets a text that says "You so fine" at odd hours of the night, doubtless prompted by alcohol and poor typing skills. I just get offers of professional services for my business from companies that have an inflated idea of what I do--one company wanted to offer me a payroll service, which would be delightful if they had some mysterious pile of money that they could dole out to me at regular intervals, but apparently it doesn't work that way.

In any case, I am watching the slow decline of my fridge and my food.

The freezer side seems to be doing ok, and I am tempted to shift everything to that side and turn up the thermostat. The new fridge doesn't come until Saturday, and I had to already throw away some fuzzy meat. I should toss the eggs today and whatever is hiding in the vegetable drawer (I can't quite make out what is in there and I haven't opened it yet). However, my problem pales besides those of some other family relatives, who closed on a house this week...except that the owner remained rooted in place and they finally had to call the police to get her to shift herself out. Apparently "selling" for her involved "just getting a lot of cash" while not actually leaving.

And finally, for no reason but for the cute, a picture of my niece doing laundry: