Fairyland Siean

You'd think, after Fairyland's recent shenanigans, that I would be swearing off Fairyland dolls--especially since I wasn't going to get any more dolls this year anyway. But... I saw that Gus on Den of Angels had a Siean for sale for a great price, and he offered me an even nicer friend discount so it was impossible to pass up, since I would never get another genuine Feeple65 for that price, plus I love the Siean head sculpt..so I bought her. I had also pined for the Fairyland Steampunk Angela when she came out, but the combination of the heavy, complex body, the possibly iffy quality of the cast, and the hefty price tag kept me from getting Angela direct from Fairyland. (I told Gus he couldn't take her apart to ship her, because I never wanted to string a Feeple 65 body again).

And now Miss Siean, (even prettier than she looks in photos,) is here, and I will make her into a Angela cousin with red hair and steampunk clothes. I already had an Ersa Flora clockwork eye waiting for someone, and it fits fine in Siean. For some reason she poses much better than the last F65 body that I had here, which proves that each of these dolls is unique and quirky.

And a big thank you to Gus for making her so affordable!