We go around the block for Lebanese food...

..and there were deer in the pocket wilderness by the freeway. They were very cute since they were not in my yard, eating things. There were about 6 of them, and they weren't too worried by us looking at them, either.

Dinner at the Cedar Grill was also delicious; it's a little strip mall place and the food is amazing. We also as part of the evening's errands ordered a new fridge from Home Depot,and bought a fridge thermometer and some more mouse traps. Last night at 1:35 a trap that we had lying around set in a drawer for 4 months suddenly snapped shut and caught a mouse, possibly because everything not perishable that we had been stuffing in the old fridge, was now out on the drainboard.

I also, among other things (like weeding) did some versions of a digitally painted "techno angel" so I could test out some custom Photoshop brushes:

I need to finish up a goddess commission this week too.