Fridge Follies

"Can we borrow some ice?"

My First World Fridge Problem with the refrigerator continues. It's a Sub-Zero, which is supposed to be some kind of high-end thing, though it's crappy design and current inability to hold a temperature would lead me to think they were hyped up. It is heavy, apparently--our new fridge from Home Depot was supposed to be delivered Saturday; a plain, no frills, 20 cu foot GE fridge in white. That I can stick magnets on. (The Sub Zero allows no exterior magnets because they don't stick). So the delivery guys come at 8:30 am, Before Coffee, walk into the kitchen, take one look at the Sub Zero,and turn around and leave, taking with them our new fridge and leaving us with a slip and instructions to talk to Home Depot about removing the Sub Zero.

We go to Home Depot, and the manager is flabbergasted--she says in 18 years she has never seen this happen, and wants to know how big the fridge is. (It's fridge sized, though the compressor is on top and the unit is built in with a panel of what looks like mdf or Corian on one side, held in with little metal strips). She says she will see what she can do, and offers us a sort of non-standard approach that I won't put here because it's probably not in the HD playbook, though it's much appreciated. So then J and I go to lunch, and I figure if we can save Home Depot some hassle and get this thing out ourselves, we'll all be happier--the manager rescheduled the fridge re-delivery for Thursday, so that is the deadline for getting the Sub Zero out of here. I left Contractor Tony a text saying I wanted to get rid of the Sub Zero even if it meant doing some wall destruction, and he could have anything he wanted for scrap, too, and he texted back that he could come by Monday and have a look at it. That Sub-Zero is going down, man.

K's advice: "Do not cut the freon tube." I forget if my removing the freezer in New Jersey is on this blog, I think not; but yes, if you are disassembling a freezer don't cut through the copper piping connected to the compressor, however tempting it might be. And if you do, open the windows.


  1. OMG! Why did they NOT at least leave your new fridge to set up somewhere temp? O_o

    Rajendora going anon because I'm not on my own comp. ~_^

    1. I think it was because they didn't want to carry it up the hill and up 3 steps and then plug it in the living room, which is the only spot it would fit. I've pulled more pieces off the S-Z and it is bigger than I thought, too. There is a phone number in it though and if Tony can't find some minions I will call that number.

    2. Oh for---! *head desk* confiscate their man cards!
      Isn't there a "minions for hire" company up yet? No wait, Uhaul has minions for hire. We couldn't afford them when we moved. But they do move things for you, for about 80 an hour, 2 hours minimum.

    3. They were right in not wanting to mess with it, but I got it dragged away today for 99 bucks :D


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