Purity Seal

I bought Purity Seal from Games Workshop hoping that it wouldn't fog on darker skin. Sadly, it did--this is an undercoat, a quick faceup that will need to be redone, and a topcoat. The undercoat looked fine, but the topcoat looks chalky. I don't know if I didn't shake the can enough or what--its a dry day here and 80 degrees F, so it should have been perfect. Consuelo (a Soom Epidia head on a Granado Nuevo body) is probably happy to have any faceup, even a bad one. She also needs a real wig instead of that too-large one, though I do like the color.


  1. Somebody mentioned somewhere on DoA that Testors Dullcote spray was pretty good on dark resin. I got some because I had that black resin Mirodoll (Drow!!!) that came without a faceup--so I was FORCED to give him a faceup... I sprayed VERY lightly and it didn't chalk-up... much! I'm thinking that dark resins are just not great for spray coats. I really wonder what the companies that have all these dark tan dolls do--but some of them DO have chalky heads, so I guess they are having problems, too. I suspect they just do a light basecoat and just use paints--with brushes and airbrush and no chalk, so they don't really need to do multiple coats???

    1. The Illustration Master Class looks amazing--Joe Bellofatto went one year and loved it. Unfortunately I don't do well with planes, so I would have to figure out how to get there!

      Thanks for the tip about Testor's DullCote--I'll have to try it--I still have an Impldoll Delia that needs a faceup :o And I really love that Mirodoll black resin, it looks like ebony.
      So nice to see you! :D

  2. You're following Muddy Colors and Guerney Journey-- you've got to come play sometime at the Illustration Master Class! or on-line at SmArt School! It's a total blast... Sure, it's about 3 or 4 dolls worth of money--but SO worth it! --and if you're making more than hobbyists do, you can write it off! :D


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