The Im_ala

We were out driving this evening, and as we went down 63rd avenue in Downers Grove, I saw this car. And I asked J to go back after we did some shopping to look at it again. It's a Chevrolet Impala, black, a two-door rather than the 4 door featured in Supernatural ("Baby").This is Baby:

I think the local Imala is a '67, though it might be a year earlier or later. (This one is an Im-ala because the P has fallen off:)

I very much suspect it "needs work". J, ever accomodating to my weirder enthusiasms, was willing to consider it as a lawn ornament, much like the life-sized X wing that I tried to win in a lottery in the 1990's (we decided the X wing would have to live on the roof of the house if we won)

It does have live plates, so it's possibly road-worthy:

And yes, I got the last photo by having J park the car at a CVS and walking back to get a less-blurry photo.

Practical me is not really willing to drive something that doubtless needs a pile of work, and gets around 10 mpg, since I am sure it has a V8 engine in there; and there is a reason you don't see Baby in the TV show doing anything more than straight-line-driving--it's a heavy car, not designed for quick turns or tight handling, but enough room to have two guys camp in it, with room for a body and a weapons arsenal in the trunk. So I might get this model instead:


  1. Shiny *_*

    We have had the first MIB car in our area for a while, and The General Lee clone until it got in an accident.

    I went back to photo the metal dinos peeking over the fence last week, and they were gone. They must sell fast.


    1. I'm not surprised the General Lee had a lively time :D The only "movie" car I saw when I was in LA was a version of the Starsky and Hutch abomination, and the Batmobile at a convention. Batmobile was very cool (it was the old one).


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