A Blonde Seian

I think this wig was once Jo's (she sent me a batch a month or so ago, and I have had fun trying them on people). I thought I would be doing more sewing today, but no, instead I cleared food out of the fridge because it's not holding food reliably at below 38F (at one point yesterday it was up to 42). This explains why my food has been spoiling fast lately, including two things of almost new hummus and a carton of pico de gallo. I pulled off the grille from the compressor section on top of the fridge and vacuumed out all the dust; but I suspect the real problem is that it has a tiny freon leak somewhere either in the compressor or the circulating pipes.

I would even consider having the fridge repaired instead of replaced; but the ice maker is broken, two of the freezer side drawers are broken, the butter compartment has something wrong with it (you open the fridge door and the butter container pops open and spits out the butter sticks onto the floor..there is no ridge inside the compartment to hold stuff and no latch on the tiny butter door). And worst of all, there is a spreading area of frost on the lower center back of the fridge compartment, which makes me think something in the back is broken. Of course the whole enormous fridge is sealed in and anchored to the wall. My dream kitchen is one where the floor is laminate, all the sections of the drainboard are modular and roll out freely on castors, and the fridge is a tub with a lid, like a freezer, so you can lift out everything to clean it.

Yesterday I cleaned snails out of the pond filter pump. At least I can say there are probably no snails in the fridge motor.