Lawrence's Hat... and Boots (free with fullset purchase)

Yes, he has an accurate scale rapier, 75.00 as an unpainted solo item. I had to tell myself that I do not need an 800+ doll to get a rapier--I can go buy one from Dollmore in metal and cry a little instead. Or just continue to make things out of rake tines and cardboard, which is probably more fun anyway. But here is another Lawrence shot:

And here is the promo boot offer (useful for those huge EID feets)

Offering the extras through DollChoice is interesting--I have no idea if you have to order a matching doll for the stuff, that is, an EID guy; or if you can order a Ebony Aaliyah along with the uniform, spyglass, matchlock and rapier. In my case it's all moot, anyway--I still need tree work and flooring.


  1. The uniform is pretty sexy though x333

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? If it was SID sized I would make someone here wear it :D


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