Birdbath and Culvert Carpet

It hasn't rained here for the last two whole weeks, so the robins and the chickadees have started to flock to the pond to wash and to drink. I need to clean the filter again because of the feathers and... stuff. I admit that I do enjoy the birds, though I would never put out a feeder after seeing the amount of rodent vermin the feeders attract. Also Stripey REALLY WANTS all the birds, though fortunately she wants me to go out and get them and bring them to her instead of getting them herself. I've been slow to update the blog because I have been so busy with the yardwork (I do all hand weeding and no spraying, and it's time consuming), J was getting ready for a fishing trip, and I have been doing some house maintenance things as well;cleaning gutters, bulb replacing and window washing, (all tiresome ladder work), as well as some computer and sewing projects. The time just flies in the summer. The local road department brought us a nice blue blanket for the culvert, too:

And in the pond, there is at least one palm-sized frog! I am so proud:

I knew him when he was just a little pollywog in a plastic bag. :D


  1. Your place is so gorgeous, it really shows all the work you put into it. And ladder work is very good for hubbies. It keeps those glutes in shape. ~_^ I've been told good glutes are everything by a doctor.

    Our Tama wants us to toss his ball around while he supervises. >.<;; He gets visibly frustrated with us when we don't do what he wants.

    1. Well, parts of it look good, but the living room looks like the storage room behind JoAnns Fabric and crafts :D Tama should be catered to--he's just the cutest thing! <3


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