Buns and Cats

The yard right now is overrun with rabbits and robins, which delights the cat, but also means that she can't decide what to chase. As soon as she starts after a robin, a chipmunk shoots past, and then a butterfly swoops low, and then three bunnies hop past, so poor Stripey is reduced to looking and me and going "Meeeeep." It's a good thing I can open cans for her or she would starve. I am glad though, that I no longer have to remove half-eaten rabbits from the living room rug. I miss the gray cat, but not the carnage. And I do like the rabbits because they love my weeds and mostly ignore the ornamental plants. This one was in my neighbor's yard this morning:

I did get some home things fixed today--painted some molding, parts of the front door, touched up some edges and put up a support bracket for one of the living room curtain sets. I also talked to my neighbor and he pointed out a piece of eave flashing dangling down on his side of the house, which somehow I had completely missed, so I got up on a ladder and swapped out the nails for screws and got it back in place. The wood under the flashing looked good, which surprised me as I am convinced covered wood becomes an instant home for termites and carpenter ants, but it might be because it's colder and dryer here than it was in New Jersey. Also thanks to Rajendora, there is a bag of ice in my fridge and the milk is still good. :D


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your new fridge delivery on time. ^_^

  2. Hahaha, poor Stripey! It's great that you have such a variety of animals in your yard though :-)


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