Captain Aldwood Gets a Puppy

It's a Christmas ornament from JoAnn's--I just pulled off the eyelet holding the string. They have a variety of animals--I thought this guy was the cutest and also had fur that was obviously plush, and not ...something else. I had intended it for Coppersmith, but the Nuevo body is just enough bigger that the dog looked out of scale, and for some reason Coppersmith's hands don't naturally fit around these little guys.
Like a real dog, he sheds--Aldwood has black poly "fur" on his shirt now. I've wanted pet dolls for my guys, but 15.00 is much more possible than 200.00+, even though the ornament isn't posable.

I went out last evening..and SOMEONE TOOK A BITE OUT OF MY PUMPKIN. No more of that, I say.

Fortress Pumpkin:


  1. How cute and clever!! I hope you're doing well missy <3

    1. Same back to you! I need to get on Tumblr and see what's new with you!


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