Virtual Clothes Shopping

So now that I am stuck using Michael 4 as my 3d product demonstrator, I figured he needed some regular clothes, since he has mostly Prae's (gorgeous) anime inspired pieces. The problem is that because of the way his shoulders are jointed, his sleeves often look weirdly puffy so they won't "break" when Michael lifts his arms, as in the example above. Aside from the strange rubbery sleeves, the style is right, so I thought I would go look around the Daz marketplace and see what I could pick up cheap. I forgot that Poser men have the same problem Barbie does...the clothes are mostly like this:

It's a little over-the-top for daywear. So I kept looking:

Just no.

Not really what I was looking for, but it's a look...


For Five Dollars? No.
Wait, maybe I could buy something daffy but paint it to be normal...

Or..not. The next one was briefly tempting, as I though "ooo, a mummy, to scamper across the dunes of Egypt, pop out of crypts"..but how often do you really need a mummy? And he was..expensive. I can also do the same look with a displacement map and texturing.

So this was very cool, but I am not sure I can get the wings and Michael to fit in the same render:

Well this is cool, but I probably wouldn't use it:

Oh, I have this one already:

OMYGOD!! No, stop, I totally do not need this AWESOME FROG THING:

So I ended up buying this:

It was 1.99 and came with the hat, the glasses, the spray can and the skateboard. :D


  1. haven't been on r'osity forever... ROFL commentaries! (and very good choice :D)

    1. It fits pretty well! I need to retexture it a bit but I like how the sleeves fit. The can is sort of a hot mess, but I wasn't planning on doing more than putting it on a shelf, so I am ok with that :D Mike can go out in public now and not be stared at!


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