Friday, November 18, 2016

Monica Temptation

You can tell Christmas is coming--all the doll companies are trying to release something new. This is the newest Raccoon Doll girl , and I like her much more in the tan than in the NS (which is Iplehouse pale). These Raccoon dolls are fun--slightly bigger than fashion size, perfectly detailed and painted. Vermont Chick (on the sidebar here as "As the Resin World Turns" has at least two of them, so if you do a keyword search you can see them "at home" and how they are packed.

Then there is DollZone, ( once again bringing the weird home to you for the holidays:

Here's the stats on the Deer: (Halt sales just means if he exceeds their casting capacity they will cut off the sales period).
Full-set $729 includes: nude doll$525, face-up $40, outfit,wig,shoes and eye(14 mm). Full-set does not include body blushing, body blushing can be purchased separately by $45. 
P.S DZ normal white, normal pink, normal yellow, gray and tan skin colors are available. Gray and tan needs $30. 
There are two face-up A/B are available. 
The outfit, shoes and wig in full-set can be changed to any 60cm boy doll's. Halt sales is depends.


  1. I'm loving all the xmas releases, this is the best time of the year to be in the hobby (bonus points if you are not broke)

    1. I'd say yes, but my money goes to other people this time of year. So I just wait for the next summer when the buyer's regret shows up on the MP :D But I do love all the sparkle and fun!

    2. that's a great strategy too!! I rarely use the xmas events, but I enjoy seeing them popping :D


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