Juchy, Pumpkin Sprite

Soom just slid under the wire with a pumpkin fairy--not really in time for Halloween, but it's not Thanksgiving yet here-- so I think she's a cute Fall Fairy. I still have pumpkins growing out in back!
 She comes with pointy ears and tiny, tiny shoes...

In person these little dolls are so perfectly detailed--I've always wanted one, but I know from experience I won't play with it as much as the bigger dolls. Even if those ears are adorable. :D
Here is her sales page:
Juchy, Pumpkin Sprite


  1. She is lovely!! I thought you might buy her, but yeah everyone has a preferred size. Since I switched to smaller dolls I feel much more motivated in this hobby.

    How nice must be to grow pumpkins in your own backyard~

    1. They are so easy to grow--they just need a huge amount of space, unless you have a way of being able to walk over or under the foliage :D Some day I still might buy one, if I am overwhelmed by cuteness..but I really do like the 60-65cm range the most! I've always liked all your dolls, big and small <3


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