Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Worst Bun Ever, Door Pie and Wall Swans

K and I went to a local pancake place that turned out to be a stealth Greek diner. So we both got "Greek" entrees and those were pretty good (a good gyro, and a chicken breast with feta cheese and leafy greens). The sides were pretty dire, including these buns that looked like  refugees from an airline supply place; not only were they nasty when they emerged from the factory, they had become stale over the period of weeks or months they were entombed in plastic. I have to say the baked goods in the case looked good (and local) and they had some stellar looking gelato off to the side. I might go back since it's so close, they are open late and they serve breakfast all day; a meal that is hard to ruin. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, though. I didn't try the coffee.

From there we went to Target, and they are full of Christmas toys--all the My Generation props work with SD dolls, and there were so many cute food items I was overwhelmed and bought none of them--instead I bought a keychain purse for 8.00, perfect for my Iplehouse SID girls:

If you have an EID or big 70 cm guy who likes Starbucks, the cafe is selling ornaments that are the right scale:

The little coffee bag ornaments are right too. The mini cups are too large, as much as I love them!

And here are the wall swans. They do nothing but add a jazzy,campy accent to your wall:

The Swan deployed:

And there was Door Pie--this is pie on a rack that is too close to the front door, as in right by the shopping carts, so that whenever the door opens whatever car exhaust, dirt, geese or whatever blows right in on and over the pies on the rack. It's fine to put washable stuff there, or chips and soda, but not wet pumpkin pies. Also the pies locally this season taste weird--we have had two pies, one homemade and one storebought, and they just weren't edible; they tasted salty and weird. I don't know if it was mold, some kind of product applied to the commercial products, or what--I wish we had been able to get one of our pumpkins to ripen enough to make a pie to compare with the other locally grown ones, because we use nothing on our garden produce except last year's compost.  In any case I think we are doing an apple pie for Thanksgiving instead.

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