I Buy a Doll

I swore I wouldn't, but my mother-in-law sent me money, and I have been curious about Fantasia dolls in the past (I liked the open-eyed Vivian and the Sleepy Alice) they had before, and then chalyss sent me a link and I looked... and there was the "Souldoll" face I have been looking for ...but Souldoll inconveniently hasn't produced yet in exactly the right combination..so I filled out the forms  to register, filled out Canary's order form, and hit Buy. The website is not entirely user-friendly; if you want a doll, you have two bodies to choose from and you have to flop around the site to find pictures--Body A is smooth, Body B is more a Fitness Body, with more muscle. Tan is an option, but for "Lily" (Canary's future name) I wanted Normal Skin, which is sort of a Volks/ Granado Normal Yellow.

 Bust sizes are A (small) B (medium) and C(Really Large). The shop photos of Canary up there show her with a C bust, and it looks silly with her little head. It is a sign of how blase I have gotten about ordering dolls, that when I finished up I wasn't entirely sure if I had ordered her with a head or not, but I was "I like that body for that price, I can find a head", but the Fantasia rep wrote back to me and said I did get her head--but they don't offer makeup at this time. Heel feet are available on the menu, but they are expensive, so I passed. When you are ordering, the slot for "head" is an extra head, if you want the option smiling head. (It's cute, but like Barbie, the charm for me wears off pretty fast if they smile ALL the time.) She will ship with eyes. You can buy heads and bodies separately.

 Billing: the "Detail Address" is your name, and you need to fill it out. When you get to the bottom, it looks like you can only pay with a Credit Card, but if you go ahead and click that, it swaps you over to Eximbay where you can opt for PayPal instead (I may be unworried about resin options, but for dolls it's PayPal or nothing). After that you just log in and pay as usual with PayPal. You get a receipt from both Fantasia and PayPal. The rep said they are going for a 60 day turnaround, which would be neat. They are based in Korea so I have a pretty good idea the resin will be fine; the jointing and size of the hands may be quirky, but we will find out! I will post lots of photos when she comes. I might even have Mister Super Clear by then, if not clothing. (Looks guiltily at Enoch the Naked Angel). But he looks so nice with nothing! Such a good sculpt. :D


  1. congrats!! she is lovely~ I will be waiting for those photos once you get her :D their sculpts seem so nice!

    1. Thank you!! Akutenshi pointed out how similar the bodies look to the Classy Doll bodies, so we wondered if they had the same sculptor. I'm pretty excited to see her!


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