Medieval Cats Do Their Thing, and Harry Dresden (sort of)

I think I see a little tear where the brown cat can't reach the bird :D The white cat holds the rat the way I would..."ewww". I have no idea where the original illustration is from; it was from an essay on writing and came up in an unrelated Google search.

 And speaking of unrelated, I did a quick render yesterday using my friend Mike Mapp's newest Renderosity product, "The Urban Jungle." Since my V4 model won't blink, and I still haven't tracked down why, I switched to Michael4 (who still blinks). I use him a lot less than V4 so I have far, far fewer clothes for him, though I did find some hair, a shirt and a leather vest (by Prae, part of a really cool fantasy set). Though you can't see, he has no pants ;) The finished title is "Harry Dresden Goes Shopping", presumably a late night run for books. The character is Quinn by gypsyangel, also at Renderosity.

(In the Jim Butcher books, Harry also does Little League baseball coaching)