The Throne of Stone

It's the opposite of the La-Z makes you want to get off of it as soon as you sit in it. I also made it entirely of a cube, which was a mistake because now painting the seat in a "velvet" is means I have to put everything on one map, which makes it hard to swap colors and match seam edges.I may just have to take another cube and make a cushion out of it. :p

The smartest thing would be to make the whole thing over again in four sections; a cube for the seat, one for the back, and one for each arm. That way it's easier to paint the rocks around the corners because just like taking apart a cardboard box, parts of those arms can be one continuous surface and the long ugly seams can go on the bottom and the back :D

On the other hand, since it is one glorified cube, the whole thing without a painted map is like 20kb. It renders in an eyeblink (if you blink slow).