Iplehouse Has Plans for the Holidays

And here they are!

Sales Period: Nov. 08, 2016 – Jan. 01, 2017 

WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING for orders more than $500 USD 
- Choose FREE SHIPPING Coupon during check out process. 

-$15 DISCOUNT COUPON for orders $300-$499 USD 
-Choose FREE SHIPPING Coupon during check out process. 

3. HID Man Limited Suit Version Release 
- You can choose any head from HID / EID section. 
- Two type of limited suit is released with HID body. 

4. New KID Lena / BID Linda Release 
- Limited outfit is released with the doll. 

5. December Doll Choice will be released in basic doll price 
Sales Period: Nov. 15, 2016 – Jan. 01, 2017 
- Ebony and Blue Gray skin won’t be released. 

6. Total 10 FID will be released with various clothes 
FID Woman: Stella, Raffine, Miho, Mari, Bianca 
FID Man: Arvid, Felix, Lawrence, Claude, Leonard 
- 10 different type of new clothes will be released with the dolls. 

The last item sounds really neat--Vermont Chick just got her FID Lawrence and he is a honey. Too small for me, but if you like that size, there will shortly be a whole new crop of them! I haven't found photos yet, but I haven't checked the Iplehouse Flickr yet either.


  1. Hello,
    I don't know do you still remember me - I'm this person who received Impldoll Azalea who was unable to sit (and, BTW, I'm sorry for my not so perfect English as I'm not a native spekaer). I'm sorry, but the person to whom I've sent Azalea didn't make the photos while she was re-stringing my doll. It took over 8 months to make anyting to make my doll sit and I've received her yesterday. Aaaaaand... my doll's legs STILL are unable to work properly... and I'd like to ask you - as an Impldoll dolls owner - do you have a similar problems with making your doll lie down? Impldoll sent me a new pair of legs to make my doll sit. Before this, in March, I've sent my Azalea to a very experienced artist and I've received her yesterday with these new pair of legs attached. AND WHAT? And I'm nearly of reaching my breaking point because of all this situation I can only call " an Azalea' nightmare". My doll's legs still can't work properly! Yes, I can make her sit, but THEN I'M SIMPLY UNABLE TO STRAIGHTEN HER LEGS TO THE NORMAL POSITION! Her legs automatically rotating in some incredibly strange way, her knees just tending to close together in some incredibly strange way, so I'm unable to put her lie down with her legs coming back to a normal position! To make her lie down with her legs in normal position, I must pull these legs hard as hell, yank hard as hell - and yes, my doll can lie down after this. But the question is when these legs will simply break because of all these hard as hell yanking and pulling. That's these legs engineering, said one of the best experiencing bjd artist. So, I have a question: do you have a similar problem with your IMPL dolls legs? I don't know what to do more... thank you...

    1. Yes, I have one Impldoll Idol I kept but I need to dremel her legs (she can't bend her knees when she sits), and the Azalea has gone to live with someone else. The quality of the legs on those girls was not great. I think on one Star I ended up stringing them like a Soom doll, with the head and leg elastic separate, and that was ok for sitting and standing but they were very, very loose. I am almost thinking you would be better off taking the Azalea head and putting her on a different body; the neck might gap a little but I think you would be so much happier with the posing! I actually haven't ordered any more Iple bodies just because of the uneven quality. :p So sorry to hear about your troubles still going on!

    2. That should be "impldoll" bodies! It's hard to edit comments once they go up!

  2. Thank you for the fast reply! And this is what IMPL said after I told them about all this sitaion: "(...)Please don't worry, we still want to solve this problem. Can you tell me the details of your order? Now we have to redo a free doll for you if you can afford shipping cost. In order to fundamentally solve the problem." So, they want to redo a whole free doll. But how can I know - will this new doll's knee working well? Well, this is a question... Anyways, have a nice day and thank you for your answer^^

  3. P.S.
    And oh yeah, I just checked my Azalęa again - and now I know very well what you meant while saying: "that was ok for sitting and standing but they were very, very loose." After 1 day of using Azalea with new legs attached, her left leg is simply dangling as if it were to fall off... It's just horrible to pay almost 500 USD for sth like this, I just can't believe in all this IMPLdolls mess!


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