Silk and Kirya and Doll Stories

I noticed that DollStories has an order period open right now for their elf Kirya (you can get human ears too) and their adorably sly vampire Sylk:

The girls are SD size, a little on the small side like Fairyland's girls (Kirya and Sylk are 53 cm tall), and remind me a little of Fairyland's style with a bit of Peakswood. I especially like Kirya because she reminds me of a taller, more amiable Shushu! (My Shushu is a cranky little thing). I think vermont chick would really like Sylk, though she would tower over V.C's Dollmore vampire msd boy. The bodies have cutie legs, and a slim overall look. I think they are cast in China (though designed by Glenna Hartwell in the US) and come with the seams removed. Here's Kirya blank:

Kirya with elf ears IN TAN comes to 520.00 usd before EMS, so the prices are very reasonable. I would be so tempted... but like I said before, I just had someone come in, and I have to make clothes still for Enoch the Naked Angel. :o