Food Follies

First up, see Alton Brown make Pumpkin Spice Miracle Ice Cream with Stephen Colbert, in the most unhinged way imaginable. Colbert's comment "You are going to make the scariest grandpa ever." I laughed until I cried:

This morning got off to a rocky start--I couldn't find my Krups coffee filter with genuine 14 carat gold plated mesh anywhere, and it's an integral part of my coffee process. I had to improvise:

Then I remembered that I had dumped out the measuring cup in the compost, containing yesterday's used filter, and I realized I probably had dumped the outer filter with the inner paper one; and sure enough, there was the Krups filter chilling on top of the compost pile. I brought it in and it is running through the dishwasher, where it will be as good as new. (The compost pile is mostly leaves).

This is nothing compared to what J texted me about last night--he's inspecting a plant in Ohio, and he said that when he went out to dinner afterwards, he set his menu on fire. The menus were on thin paper and were several sheets on a clipboard, and the candle was taking up a lot of table real estate. He had flipped over the top sheet when it "Poofed up" and he swatted it out. He said the waitress "was unimpressed" and said that it wasn't the first time it had happened. Alas, there are no photos.

Instead here is a photo of the supermoon--it was indeed nice, though here it's sharing photo space with my power lines :p