Granado Gitana, again

Yes, it's Gitana no 2... though I supposedly got her so that Dierdre, my Granado Fayette, could have a Small Bust Nuevo body--for some reason the Small Bust has a slightly larger neck than the conventional Nuevo, so the proportions work better with the Fayette head.

 I was going to dig out the spare Large Bust Nuevo body I have to put the new Gitana on it, but since Dierdre's Maiden body was right there, I put the Gitana head on that one instead, and it looks pretty good! The neck does gap because the Gitana head is the Guilem twin, so it's got a old "man sized" neck hole. The previous owner modded her chin a little, and she did a wonderful, smooth job with it; so the daintier body looks good with the more feminine head. (I had tried Gitana no 1 on the Maiden and wasn't satisfied with the look, as Sophronia is a big actress/ opera singer and needed a bigger body. And Sophie still has the original big chin :).

This Gitana is now "Tatiana" and will inherit Tati's Russian and Scandinavian fantasy clothes, though I might have to alter them a bit to fit the small Maiden body. In my spare time. I need to paint her today, though, as it's already getting colder. I still regret selling the original Tatiana, who was a Bronze Cuprit. Sigh.
(First world problems) :D