A Bumpy Ride

Yes, it looks like the US is in for some pretty rough times ahead. I'm not putting politics on this blog, since I think everyone will need a place to look at pictures of cats, flowers and toys as a break.

 I just want you to know that no matter what religion you belong to, whatever your ethnic group, whatever your level of disability or your immigration status, your sexual orientation or your taste in books, you are cool with me as long as you are kind to others.


  1. So glad you're making this stress free sanctuary space. Trying to be politics light in my social media (gave up "free"). So far difficult. (also hard not to respond to my friends' tweets). Anyway more reasons for me to hang out here. Yay. ^^

    1. I gave up on Twitter because it was so ad-infested--I am sure this year everyone with Twitter stock is happy ;)
      So nice to have you here!


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