Soom "Sassy" Ender

So I remember almost nothing about the original Ender except that he was a megagem and he had..horns? Horns that I might actually own? I certainly don't remember this sassy cutie face, the dragon tail, or the faaaaabulous outfit. The bat horns:

(Falls down laughing) BUT they have magnet backs so they could easily port over to a Fairyland cutie or the back of another doll with just a second pair of glued-in magnets. They are beautifully sculpted. Check out the outfit:

ooo lala!

The fantasy bits:

I have a slightly different version of those hands on one of my guys, and you would think they wouldn't be too useful--but in fact they are surprisingly good at holding things and gesturing--I like them a lot. I don't know about you, but I find magnet tails pretty useless. You know how lizard tails fall off when they get scared? Yeah, that is my experience with magnet tails.
Anyway, go look at his amusing face here!