Original Shiva

This lady was originally Miss Ally's, and when Miss Ally sadly passed away, Gus took her in; then Cat adopted her from Gus, and now she has come to live here -- instead of me ordering a new one from Souldoll. I like having someone that was at Miss Ally's--she was a fun person and had fabulous taste in dolls. Cat sent her with some beautiful extras: jewelry and a splendid wig and eyes, so all I need to do is give her a face,(Which will be a little nerve-wracking, but if it doesn't come out I can always send her to Angel Toast/Elisa Maza), and make her clothes! I tried to take some photos of the joints since the new release is supposed to have the original double-jointed body. I like the body a lot--it looks very simple but it works beautifully and looks great:

Here are the elbows--a huge range of motion and suprisingly stable to pose:
Here are the knees--not the most beautiful part of her, but very functional:

In case you were wondering what the multiple arms looked like from the back (not an angle you see on many photos:

Once I have better light, some clothes and a clear surface to put her on, I will do more posing--right now I am just enjoying having her here! She has a slightly curvier body than the later body Tanglewyn is on, but both are competent posers and look nice to me!

Tanglewyn's (a Souldoll Paratiisi) newer elbow:

Souldoll party!!