Granado's Vindoll

It's Granado's new vinyl doll--something like an Obitsu but with a larger range of motion. Looking at the skeleton, I think it will still be important to be gentle with the hip/spine connectors and bend them slowly and carefully, like an obitsu. Here is the body with it's vinyl "cover":

You can read a lot more about it and it's posing and weight here.

You can also just buy the frame alone for 80.00 usd, which might be really fun if you want to do something like a paperclay maquette over it.

But if you just want a lightweight, hot guy to pose, you can order Udell in all his bronze magnificence (the same price as NS) here!

If you do just get the Vindoll body, the checkout page will still ask you about the head--I went ahead and "added" the head and then it vanished when it got to the payment stage. I am hoping to rig my Jupiter head on there somehow (probably with something as simple as a binder clip over the "nub") because it would be fantastic to have a good poser for him. I am also a little concerned about the vinyl long term--I am not good with vinyl and the big vinyl-framed flashlight I keep in the basement has gotten really sticky over the last 5 years--I am not sure if it is from the temperature extremes it's been in or what (from below zero to over 100 degrees F in the trunk of the car), so the Jupiter body will be my test guy--hopefully being stored year round at 60 F will keep him nice.