Individual shots from Inventory

Granado Katrien, Whispering Grass Mr. Ropuha
I did not get as many good pix this year as in previous years, but there were a few that I liked--here is Cecilia (Granado Katrien) with Mr. Ropuha.
Sicktress' Deesse
The glamorous Danu, aka Sicktress' Deesse!

Iplehouse Denzel, IOS "G"
Bryan (Iplehouse Denzel) with Rain (IOS "G") and a helpful elbow from Erzulie (Impldoll Bella) to keep Rain's arm on the book (I keep forgetting to wire his arms).

Iplehouse Luna, Resinsoul Jun, Owls Thranduil
The Blue woman is Ran, a Resinsoul Lian, below her is Balthazar, a Soom Sphaler head on an Impldoll body and Simply Divine hooves (not that you can see them--he was the poor doll that briefly had duck feet made by me until I relented and put his hooves back on). The blonde is Bex, an Iplehouse Luna, then a Resinsoul Jun named Kris, and then Owl's Thranduil, a bit of Danu's head, and in the back another Sphaler, Zinnober.
Granado Terra
Jack, A Granado Terra, the pirate version :D
Granado Mercury
In the back, Tabitha, a Granado Mercury, next to her Isley, a Granado Venus on a Soom 2012 Free Choice Vesuvia body, below them is Cherry, a Soom Garnet, and her BF Julian Scot (Granado Fabio)

LLT Roderich, Granado Venus, Iplehouse Raffine
Here's Blue, an LLT Roderich, Claudia, another Granado Venus, and behind her is Hyacinth the Barbarian, an Iplehouse Raffine.
Granado Fayette and Granado Enoch
In the back, Consuelo, a Soom Epidia on a Mirodoll body, Dierdre the Granado Fayette, a chilly-looking Raphael, aka Enoch the Angel (still no clothes, I must not think he needs them).
Iplehouse Jessica SID, Soom Estival Muse Breccia/Soom Garnet
 In the front, Marilyn the Iplehouse Jessica--a bit yellow now, she was from the first head sale in 2012 and I kid you not, she came tossed in a box with one sheet of the Seoul times and nothing else--I think she was a cancelled order. Next to her is Beatrice, a "Estival Muse Breccia" put on a extra Garnet body I got in a split with Sharnofshade in Australia.  Behind her is a Granado Neptune, Kees, and leaning on him is my Slovakian Bianca Vampire, which I named Perdita because she spent some time in the Long Island sorting center (the people there are very nice, by the way :D) She was a split between Ashbet in Texas and Ashmyt in Slovakia, and then came to be here.
Soom Tremo
And finally Bird, a Soom Tremo, who I said a year ago I would restring...but I still haven't, though he still sits up fine. I had a really cute one of Coppersmith and the Iplehouse Cat, but alas it came out blurry. I will have to take more later! At least everyone is dusted and dressed (except for Enoch) and the back room is much more clean and organized than before.


  1. It's great to see your dolls again, and Dany! And Blue! Claudia! So many familiar faces!!

    1. It's so nice to have so many painted by you! Those little faces make me smile :) Thank you so much!


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