Chloe 65 for Sale

Yes, it's Lelahel's gorgeous Chloe, the one that could "kick my butt" and famous clothing model for Lelahel. I'd buy her in a second..but I already have Laurel, and I don't need two. Even with shipping to the US (around 50 dollars more or less, plus some insurance) that is an amazing price. It seems possible that if you offered 700.00 and made chibi eyes you could get Lelahel to include a wig or a simple outfit--but in any case she is the prettiest Chloe I have ever seen--and she does come with her box and papers. (Lelahel is the second owner). You do need Den of Angels marketplace access to see the listing here. I have bought several things from France and the shipping and tracking is quick and reliable.

(*quietly pets Gahaiah*)