Salvation Army haul

Eight dollars will buy you a lot at the local Salvation Army--the bag looked small until we opened it up:

There were a few small plastic items in there that I felt weren't able to be repurposed or repaired, (you can see them at the top of the first photo, above the string of green beads) and there were a lot of crucifixes, which I don't feel are appropriate for doll ornaments. I did keep all the religious medals, because I like them--all the BVM and Saint Christopher medals get put into my Saintly Stash along with various other dieties. I do wonder why SO MANY religious things get put back into the Salvation Army drop boxes--it is like how you are supposed to thoughtfully dispose of American flags, by taking them down to the local Veteran's Hall? "Returning this, did not fit?" Anyway, it was a fab bag of goodies--there was quite a bit of nice beads and cubic zirconia earrings in there, and one very tiny, real sapphire. (Not much bigger than the period at the end of a sentence :D) They have completely reorganized that store so it is much cleaner, but also emptier and with less bizarre stuff than before--probably it's now much more useful for people looking for "real" clothes, but for those of us who are all about the costumes, rejected wedding dresses and just plain weird stuff, it was a bit of a letdown.