I ended up using the back room so that I could leave things set up overnight--Stripey would have taken off and hidden all the wigs if I had let her explore in there alone. I think next year we will go back to the living room again, as this room just doesn't have enough light-- even with extra lights brought in. I also prefer having everyone more in a straight line than in two groups, because at this angle I got a lot of lens distortion and most of the photos weren't useful. But here is the group on the bed, and below the table group:
(Click to enlarge) And the group on the table is missing a few people--Blue is on a new body, Teodor (granado Mads) is having his body cleaned and restrung, and Selket gets her own photos as I don't like her being bumped around in a crowd. My Den of Angels avatar (Dollzone Shengxi), the Elfdoll Hazy, and the other Iplehouse girls were too far down in boxes in the laundry room to bring up, though they are on the list of people who need clothes, restringing and other maintenance. My biggest thing in 2017 is to get everyone's clothes organized, so when I need a shirt (I'm looking at you, Bryan) I will be able to find one without having to root around in the back of a closet. Also the wig box looks like a tribble orgy, so I have to fix that, too.
Of the detail shots, this one was my favorite:

That was once a Luts Vampire Dark Soo, now dyed and modded. Roswell always looks happy, even with her vamp teeth gone. And when the party was over, and I was putting things away and cleaning up, there was an "Accidental Alice" with Granado Mercury as Alice, an Impldoll Octavia boy on a Granado body as the Mad Hatter, and Blue as the White Rabbit.

I'm tempted to get rid of some of the storage boxes--it would make more space downstairs for dolls, and some of these guys are so old they don't really need their original ratty boxes. They also aren't going anywhere in the near future!


  1. Oh Fish, I think I have missed a few years of your inventory. I thought I remembered about 25 dolls on a sofa. The dolls have grown in number - maybe need to separate the boys from the girls. ;)
    I definitely have hoarded clothing. I was very bad at the house on the lake. I would get items, take them upstairs to the doll room and later could not find them and darn if I did not duplicate some items. I am now busy selling off duplicates of SID and EID shoes - some never out of box. New rule - can only keep clothing items that fit in the computer room closet. Let's see if I can stick to that.

    1. LOL That was probably 2012--I have been very bad.Hopefully this year I will be more restrained! (Or maybe like you say separate the boys from the girls..though everyone seems to skip the Tiny stage, so I suspect they are just inviting their friends over when I am not looking. Clothes are hard to keep track of! They are so tiny!


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