She came partly unassembled from Princess Bane, with a splendid artist faceup that alas, chipped off  her forehead because of the cold...I think she went from a heated warehouse to spending several hours below freezing in the back of the mail truck. So I redid it somewhat last night--she still needs silvery eyes. (The round Safrins don't quite fit, though 14mm is the right size.) She also needs her own clothes--I am glad I waited to start on a dress for her, because she looks much nicer in wine and gold than the black and white I had planned for her. Such a gorgeous sculpt--maybe my favorite now from Iplehouse. Here is a profile view:

For an Iplehouse girl, she has a big head-- eight and a quarter inches around, which means she needs a size 8 wig. I will take more photos of her once she has more clothes! The poor thing has to wait in line behind my current project and Nikki's outfit, as well as actual work. She sits and stands so amazingly well on her classic EID body.