Five Eyes

So Sicktress sent me this cool Oni (Jing) from Miracle Doll! I was so delighted because I have all kinds of eyes and here is someone who can use a lot of them. But now I want to make custom ones, because my Ersa Floras are a bit round for the slots, though I think the central forehead eye will stay the way it is. She will be a girl Oni, once my taxes are paid and I have earned some more money. (I ended up paying a lot more taxes this year because I had a lot more work--and I am not complaining!) I'm planning on getting a Resinsoul Lian body for her--it's tall enough to accomodate 5 eyes HUGE head :D. She reminds me a little of a funky version of a Dollstown doll. Look at the profile:

She also came in a magnificent bag in a beautiful box:

So thank you Sicktress--and for the Llama card! Hehe! <3


  1. I'm glad you received her safe and sound! The sculpting is pretty impressive. Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. I need to figure out some wild hairstyle to go on her as well--thank you for sharing her! It is a great sculpt!


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