Version Eight

It usually takes me about 8 versions to get a cover the way everyone likes it. This one may take 9 or 10, but most of it is "set" now. Part of me still likes the Giant Carrot version.

And one more:


  1. Hey, it's like one of those "Can you spot the difference?" puzzles..

    How intriguing to see into the process of creating a novel cover! Thanks for sharing your work with us. :3

    I notice that the gentleman got more muscles between versions, lol. A pity--I rather liked the fleshy folds in his side, it looked very human.

  2. Yeah, the art director was very disapproving of anything that wasn't a "hardbody," so he got buffed up. I still miss the flowers on the dress skirt, too, but for some reason they got hated on as well, so away they went. They probably would have passed if I had hooked them together with lace or fabric scallops, but they probably looked too much like cut turnips in their rough form. :D


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