I get spam a lot since I am "a blogger", though how anyone besides a doll company would be interested, I don't know...but a website called Bookoo sent me the cutest spam, so I went and looked at the site,

It's an online yard sale (it looks like they make their money from sidebar ads check out their "about us"), and as you can tell by the URL, it's sorted by locale--for me the chicago.bookoo is the local one. The swan above is listed by MaryAnn in Plainfield and immediately made me think of when I was a kid and swans like these were popular for planters and keeping shampoo in the bathroom, so it made me smile. I will have to be careful not to visit the site much, because just a quick look turned up 80 skeins of DMC floss down in Joliet. It would be really easy to transfer everyone's leftover arts and crafts stuff to my house, and there is no room.


  1. Glad you liked the stuff you found on Bookoo. By the way, that email wasn't spam--it was sent by a real live monkey! :^)

    1. That monkey types so well! you just need to not let him shop or your house will be full of banana tchotkes :D


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