Four Granado Boys

This is Mads, the Mad scientist/secret agent that I posted up a while back--I'm waiting for his head. I have his body, and of course he needs clothes and shoes. He's just such a fun sculpt--he's somewhat based on the actor Mads Mikkelson, but with Crocus' own style superimposed on Mad's features.

And here, for no reason, is Zelda's old Sunshine Xavier, that I really should have bought but had no money at the time; he's just such a beautiful version of Xavier--I love the eyes and wig Zelda picked out for him. I don't know where he lives now, but the new owner is a lucky person!

I was able to buy Zelda's extra Davon head, so I now have two of these rascals in the cupboard:

Life might be simpler if I just collected statues..there would be none of this wig/eye/shoe/clothes nonsense.