This is a personal Poser project that I am hoping to share with someone else, but I need to get it enough done and fixed that she will like it :D You can see here the lips I painted don't quite fit on the lip shape..I have a guide:

but until you actually paint on it and render it out, it's hard to see what goes where. The guide isn't random, it's where the polygons of the model really are--each corner of the polygons have a number that the computer knows, in three dimensions (x-- usually left to right on your screen; y,up and down on your screen, and z, in and out on your screen.) Here's the mesh on the model:

(The hair is just a "hat"). The base photo texture is "Copper" by Fenrissa, and it's nice in that it's already stretched across the maps, but still needs a lot of work because photos have bright spots and shadows that are no good in a render, since the computer's lights don't match the original reference photos. Also some places(like her forehead) were smoothed out in Photoshop, and I need to repaint the skin surface and tiny wrinkles back in there. Mostly I bought the base for the eyebrows, which I think are awesome. :D The face shape is by Pixeluna,"Lilly" with some tweaks by me. Once I made a whole face morph for V4 in Argile (the easy part) and then spent an entire day trying to figure out how to export it so that other people could use it (you have to export only the changes to the original mesh, not the location and shape of the original mesh because that is proprietary to

Then I promptly forgot the steps to export the deltas, so I need to relearn that. This is why it's hard--here are just some of the thousand lines or so of code telling the computer to fetch the files... of the original number set of the polygons. Of just her face.

Poser figure geometry files can get big, especially when you add textures and rigging for motion. Modern computers are pretty amazing because you can have all this ..and animate it.

Also, your models can glow in the dark :D Here's one set of Copper's eyes:

I still have to fix the reflections, I am not sure why they are going like this / \ instead of this - - . :p