Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Other Aurelia

Thanks to gypsyangel, who did 90% of the work on her, the Poser version of Aurelia went live last Friday at Renderosity.com. I always learn new things when I do a project with someone, and part of it is how much work it is to get one of these add-on characters to load and run properly. Never mind the actual modelling part is mostly done, there is still a lot of code that has to work and fetch all the color maps. For me, painting the maps is easy...getting the maps to load right is hard. But she works very well. It's been fun to see other artists use her..linwhite made an awesome mermaid with her and a green scaled tail, and featherwitch transformed her into a dragon/harpy with supercharged colors. Poser Aurelia has a little green tongue--it would have been fun to make it a lizard tongue, but that would have been still more coding and testing, so it's just the regular Poser tongue, but green:

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