Even Tinier Tokidoki

We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, and we all got stuff typical of what we like--I got a pretentious art magazine, K got a P.G. Wodehouse book, and J got the Cooks Magazine Baking Guide. I also spotted a tiny, tiny box that looked just like the regular Tokidoki Unicorno box, but even smaller, and carried it over to Information to see if there was really a Unicorno inside the box. (I don't mind buying a pig in a poke, but I want there to be a pig in there). They are indeed Unicorno, but they are purse charms too, so they have a hoop and a lanyard. They are indeed tiny:

"What is this thing?"

Also, Stripey is enjoying having a house guest that brushes her as much as she likes. Here she is waiting, on the guest towels, for K to come with the brush..again..even though K is sound asleep and it's early in the morning.