Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kuro Ageha's Photostream

I found this photo of a Lee_el Livan while digging around for Granado pix--he's 90cm tall and you can see the scale of him next to Kuro herself. He makes Aelfric look short. Currently her Iplehouse Evan head is on that body, and it looks surprisingly cute. Her whole Flickr is fun to look at--if you scroll down you can find an Akando in steampunk wings, though sadly it doesn't show the whole outfit. Here are the aggregated pix on Flickrhivemind, too


  1. So it means that Leeel's heads would also fit in other bodies companies? I mean the bodies with 70cm tall? Because I'm really in love with the Anastasio head of this company, but I'm not sure about the body... it is a beautiful body, I just think that 90cm it's too much D:

    1. I think the Leeel head might look even better on a smaller body, the head looks small to me. I think Loongsoul might have a nice body to match it though I am not sure about resin colors.:)

    2. Thank you for answering..
      Indeed! Even their own heads look smaller on their 90cm bodies... but I don't think they sell body,head nor other body parts apart (yet?) right?

    3. I think you would need to do a split with someone or stalk the marketplace at Den of Angels. They are pretty rare dolls!

  2. Thank you so much for the attention.. I'll study the best options :3


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