Just Snow

In New Jersey, it snows about 5 or 6 times during the winter. It will snow about six inches, the kids will stay home from school, businesses will close, and then a few days later it goes back up to 40 and the snow melts. Chicago is not like this. Now I look at the thermometer and plan to go to the store when it hits the teens, because then my car battery won't die. But it is beautiful--these are some of my neighbor's icicles--they get really long, he comes out with a broom and smacks them down (because they are heavy, and damage the gutters), and then they start up again. My camera damps down the sparkle--in person they look like chandeliers. It was cold enough this morning that the snow was just blowing in the brisk wind, and it looked like glitter in the air--again my camera couldn't get the full effect, but imagine all the dots as points of light, ignoring the reddish reflection of my kitchen lights in the window:

The yard looks great too--the snow covers all the weird spots in the lawn. It is true I need to clean the front steps before the Fed Ex guy comes tomorrow.