Trash Picking

We went last night to an excellent restaurant in Downers Grove. It was snowing hard, 15 degrees F and there were lots of people hiking around as though it was a regular Friday night--the Italian restaurant was full. We had parked in the parking structure and walked across town when J, of all people, saw something interesting in a trash can. Now J does not approve of my addiction to dumpster diving, but not only did he point this stuff out, he walked back to the car to put it away before we went to eat. He did say something about "Scott would have made it to the South Pole if he hadn't stopped for those brass snowflakes and antlers", but I was still delighted to get them. The antlers need a little repair but both the prints and the brass snowflakes are perfectly good and will be made into other things!


  1. You definitely have a better class of bins back there. It looks like you've raided Santa's, LOL!

    1. It's some of the cleanest stuff I have ever picked up :D Usually it's weird bits of carved wood or hard things that can be washed, like doll chairs and that plaster plinth I have in here. (That I need to repaint). I'll have to start keeping an eye on that bin.


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